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Demining Bomb detection Safety Tools for EOD Degaussing

Metal Mine Detector Gmbh.


Body Protection: Demining Apron

Demining Apron

Article No.: 1020012



- Protection level v50 = 450 m/s according to STANAG 2920

- Throat protection

- Very light and comfortable to wear

-  Suitable for operations in tropical areas

- Inner material consists of multi-layer polyamide material,

   covered by a Cordura® textured nylon outer cover

Hand Protection: Demining Glove MPG

Demining Glove MPG

Article No.: 1020015



- Very light, comfortable to wear

- Hygienic, washable outer cover

- Suitable for operations in tropical areas

- Two sizes available

Small = XXS-S (Article No. 020015-01)

Large = M-XXL (Article No. 020015-02)

- Standard colour black,

other colors available

Body Protection: Demining Apron Aquila

Demining Apron Aquila

Article No.: 1020006



- Protection level v50 = 450 m/s according to STANAG 2920

- Very light, convenient to wear

- Extended tailored protection over the deminer’s frontal

  thighs while still being comfortable to walk and kneel in

- Hygienic, washable outer cover

- Suitable for operations in tropical areas

- Three sizes S, M, L

- Detachable pouch for tools and accessories

- Colours UN blue and Navy blue

Hand Protection: Prodding Hand Protector

Prodding Hand Protector

Article No.: 1020030


Features: - Very light, comfortable to wear - Hygienic, washable outer cover - Standard colour black, other colors available

Body Protection: Demining Suit MPS

Demining Suit MPS

Article No.: 1020007


The MPS has been designed considering the requirements of some of the major demining organisations and companies. The inside Aramid® layer is especially designed for protection against fragments of exploding mines, bombs and artillery shells.




- Modular system: usable as complete suit
with arms and legs protectors or apron only

- Very light, comfortable to wear

- Hygienic, washable outer cover

- Suitable for operations in tropical areas

- Two Sizes available: Small (XS - S) and Large (M - XXL)

- Detachable pouch for tools and accessories

Head Protection: Demining Helmet DHV5

Demining Helmet DHV5

Article No.: 1020150


- Lightweight, durable aramid helmet (v50 = 580 m/s)


- Visor polycarbonate 5 mm

- Comfortable to wear

- Chinstrap using 3-point links and quick release catch

- Excellent suspension System

- Different sizes and colours available

Body Protection: Demining Suit MPS4

Demining Suit MPS4

Article No.: 1020047


The MPS4 mine clearance and search suit is extremely versatile and comfortable, designed to be worn by personnel who have to look for EOD/IED devices and anti personnel mines. The suits Comes with a PASGT ballistic helmet fitted with a fragmentation face shield.




- Full body protection including back, front,

side, neck, under arm, lower groin


- Protection level according to STANAG 2920

  Suit: v50 = 450 m/s. Other levels on request

  Helmet: v50 = 650 m/s

  Visor: v50 = 250 m/s


- Additional hard armour plates for enhanced protection

  optionally available; possible protection levels:

  NIJ III (Article No.: 1020047-05)

  NIJ IV (Article No.: 1020047-06)


- Very versatile and comfortable to wear


- Nomex® outer cover flame resistant and washable


- Full size range S, M, L and XL


- Different colours available

Deminer's Tool Set

Deminers‘ Tool Set

Article No.: 1060090


Thirteen important tools in a backpack - robust and cost effective.
Size: 30 x 50 x 7cm
Weight : approx. 10 kg

Bomb Bin

Bomb Bin

Article No.: 1100310


Force Ware blast protecting products are designed for use in public and commercial areas. Post room staff are generally considered to be at greater risk of terrorist attack through letter or parcel bombs. The Bomb Bin suppresses the effects of explosive devices by directing the blast, reducing risk of injury to personnel and damage to property from primary and secondary fragmentation.

Ballistic Shield on Trolley NIJ3+

Ballistic Shield on Trolley NIJ3+

Article No.: 1100301


The ballistic trolley shield NIJ 3+ is a new development which has addressed the need to provide a robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable shield platform for shield deployment whilst at the same time enabling rapid dismounting from the platform for hand held operations.


The trolley is made from box section mild steel and comprises three parts which are bolted together with three 8mm thumb screws to enable quick deployment. The two rear wheels are braked and all four solid rubber wheels have independent steering. The shield is securely mounted onto the quad trolley by means of parallel vertical slotted bars and can be mounted and dismounted within seconds without the need for any tools.


NIJ3+ is an unofficial level that covers the traditional NIJ Level III performance for 6 strikes of 7.62 x 51 mm NATO Ball (US designation M80 Ball) and also the widely recognised threat from AK47 MSC 7.62 x 39 mm round.

Searching: Contraband Detector Portable RadFlex 2

Contraband Detector Portable RadReflex 2

Article No.: 1070005


The portable contraband detector RadReflex checks hollow spaces fast and reliably.
Hereby the area to be controlled is scanned with a radioactive test source. Goods and contraband inside the hollow spaces be measured as they will refl ect the radiation.

Searching: Radiation Detector Scinto

Radiation Detector Scinto

Article No.: 1070006


For security check of the presence of radioactivity, it is important to get quick results.

Using a NaI-scintillation detector, the SCINTO provides fast and high-sensitive dose rate measuring. This enables the use of the SCINTO for reliable measurement and radiation detection in settings with a fluctuating background.





ONE €248


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gm5+ €330 golden mask 

blisstool ltc64x la bestia da €594

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apolonia gold da260

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rutus argo

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rutus alter 71

detectorpro 12DD sub 30mt

tdi beach hunter sub

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garrett at max

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makro nokta anfibio

viking vk40 € 240

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whites mx7

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mini detector € 210

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€299 golden mask 4wd

white's mx sport sub

pulse hunter 8 metri da profondita 

Viking 6 euro 120 nomotion

garrett 200i 300i 400i

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white's treasure master

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cuffia 150 ohm

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