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DETECH  Metal detectors

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cerca servizi cerca cavi tubi


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a valvole

Diffusori acustici

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Strumenti elettronici bonifica ambientale

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Demining Bomb detection Safety Tools for EOD Degaussing

Metal Mine Detector Gmbh.


Two-piece Metal Detector

Large search head (60 cm diam.) for ferrous and non-ferrous submunition and UXO's near surface.

It is equipped with the highly effective automatic ground compensation and especially recommended if the use of magnetometers is limited by mineralized soils.

data output for computer-aided data survey via RS 232
handheld unit 1.9 kg only
power supply: 4 ea. D-size batteries
metal alarm via audio signal

NATO-STOCK-No. 6665-12-361-6659


UXO Detector

The Vallon VMXC1 detector is based on the well-known mine detector VMH3CS (see separate entry). Larger search heads and a special UXO firmware, which is custom designed for different applications, offer a reliable and specific detection of ordnance, submunition and metal cased mines with less false alarms by other metallic waste.

With the highly effective automatic ground compensation, the VMXC1 is also recommended if the use of magnetometers is limited by mineralized soils.

Ultra high detection range
Highly effective automatic ground balance
Metal alarm: audio, visual and vibration
Length continuously adjustable
Input for firmware upgrade
Output for data acquisition
Power supply: 3 ea. 1.5 V standard batteries, D-size, standard or rechargeable (NiMH) 

Two options are offered:


Slim search head
small packing size
handheld unit 2.5 kg only


large UXO search head 60 cm diam.
soft carry bag for 60 cm search head
operation weight with electronics 2.9 kg


30 cm UXO search head
small packing size
handheld unit 2.7 kg


large UXO search head 60-cm diam.
soft carry bag for 60 cm search head
operation weight with electronics 2.9 kg

Universal Ferrous Locator for UXO Detection on Land, under Water and in Boreholes

Compact, low weight, ergonomic
For land, boreholes & water
Detachable control unit for easy detection in boreholes
No sensor adjustment required
Digital probe technology
Probe mechanically adjustable in height

Power supply: 
 4 x 1.5 V single cell batteries type D
or 4 x 1.2 V rechargeable batteries type D
or external power supply 6 Volt


Compact Ferrous (UXO) Locator

extremely convenient use, even in brushwood,
no sensor adjustment required,
handheld unit 2.4 kg only,
power supply: 2 ea. D-size batteries, standard or rechargeable (NiMH)
indication via

visual with ± 10 LEDs
audio by inbuilt loudspeaker or headset

NATO-STOCK-No. 6665-12-377-4268


Ferrous locator for large UXO's in very large depths

Detection on land,
sensor removeable for underwater detection,
operation weight 9 kg,
power supply: rechargeable batteries,
indication via

visual with ± 20 LEDs
audio signal (loudspeaker)

extremely long sensor base (1.7 m) 
no sensor adjustments required,
output for data acquisition via RS 232


Ferrous Locator

Special Borehole Set

for ground survey in boreholes with data logger for convenient computer-aided data acquisition,
recommended for UXO detection in large depths and in surface contaminated soil.
Supplied with

sensor, no adjustment necessary, with 25 cable
Central unit VCU2
data logger VFC2 (see separate entry)
chargers and connecting cables

Power supply: rechargeable batteries 


Depth recording with SEPOS®-detector and SEPOS®-marks at sensor cable
Data evaluation with software Vallon EVA2000®2.X (see separate entry)

The active pulse induction system offers great advantages in terms of UXO detection in mineralised soils in which magnetometers are giving too many false alarms. Likewise, for quick search of sub munitions and shells, the large search head, combined with a special UXO signal processing in the metal detector, offers high efficiency.

The large search head of a Vallon metal detector continuously emits electromagnetic pulses. Between each magnetic pulse is a short pause. During these pauses the electromagnetic reaction from metal objects, influenced by the search head, is detected by the detector.
The reaction time is depending on the size of the metallic objects and their distance to the search head. The receiver of the detectors processes this response and converts it to an alarm signal.
Search head sizes of 30 cm and 60 cm diameter are used, depending on surface conditions.


The magnetic field of the earth is homogeneous with regards to the field strength and the direction of the field strength. If a ferromagnetic object is brought into this homogeneous field, the own field of the object is superposing the local magnetic field of the earth, hence creating a distortion

The extent of the distortion depends on several factors. The most important ones are the size of the object to be detected and its permeability. The larger the object to be detected is the larger will be the detection distance

If the buried object is magnetized, i.e. it has an own magnetic field, the field lines are reacting according to the polarity of the object. In general, the total disturbance of magnetized objects is larger than the disturbance of objects having no own field. But very rarely the total disturbance might even be smaller depending on the object orientation towards the terrestrial magnetic field

UXO detectors are differential magnetometers, i.e. two sensors are arranged in geometrically true alignment at a certain distance and are connected in a way that they measure the value zero in a homogeneous field. Each sensor passing a ferrous object is differently affected. The indication of the gauge is in nT with ± 20 degrees and deflects to plus or minus depending on the orientation of the object in the ground







ONE €248


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gm5+ €330 golden mask 

blisstool ltc64x la bestia da €594

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apolonia gold da260

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rutus argo

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rutus alter 71

detectorpro 12DD sub 30mt

tdi beach hunter sub

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garrett at max

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makro nokta anfibio

viking vk40 € 240

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whites mx7

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mini detector € 210

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€299 golden mask 4wd

white's mx sport sub

pulse hunter 8 metri da profondita 

Viking 6 euro 120 nomotion

garrett 200i 300i 400i

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white's treasure master

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cuffia 150 ohm

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