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ELECTRONICS COMPANY is worldwide  leader  manufacturer and distributor for the better electronics instruments and quality electronics equipments.  We include the best prices affordable and most service available. Instrument division is the dept. more develope from electronics company, we supply all instruments and meter directly do university, hobbies people, factory industrial ect.... 

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SIMPSON 260-8 & 260-8P VOM

EURO 300

Nothing beats a Simpson 260-8 for monitoring fluctuating trends and rates. Portable yet with benchtop accuracy, the 260-8 is ideal for use anywhere -- workshop, lab or in the field. The 260-8P features an additional resettable overload protection circuit and audible continuity checking. Both versions come with batteries, manual and full-size test leads with threaded probe tips and screw-on alligator clips.

  • Easy to operate -- two knobs control the selection of functions and ranges
  • More than 20 measurement ranges for DC voltage and current, AC voltage and current, resistance
  • Large, tri-colored dial with mirrored scale to prevent parallax error
  • Reverse recessed safety jacks prevent operator and tool contact with electrical connections
  • Rugged phenolic case with reinforced walls for maximum durability
  • Self-shielding taut-band meter movement provides added shock resistance
  • DECIBEL 5 Ranges: -20 to +50dB

  • RESISTENCE Rx 1 RANGE 0-2 KOHM Rx 100 0-200 KOHM Rx 10K 0-20 MOHM 

  • DC CURRENT 50A, 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 500mA, 10A

  • AC CURRENT Ranges: Up to 250 amperes with AC Amp-Clamp Adapter Accessory #00545
  • DC VOLTAGE 250mV, 1V, 2.5V, 10V, 25V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

  • AC VOLTAGE 2.5V, 10V, 25V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

SIMPSON 150-2 AC Amp-Clamp Adapter (for Analog VOM's)

EURO 160

Amp-Clamp current probes, used with analog VOMS provide accurate measurements of high AC current found in power systems and related control circuitry. The Amp-Clamp jaws are closed over a conductor in the circuit and the current load is indicated on the connected meter. The 150-2 has six ranges (up to 300 ACA) and is available with banana and reverse banana plugs.

Model 150-2

Ranges 5A, 10A, 50A, 100A, 250A (on 2.5 VAC

Meter Range), 6A, 12A, 30A, 60A, 120A,

300A (on 3 VAC


Dimensions: 7.8” x 3” x 1.1”

Weight: 12 oz.

Max. Cable Dimension: 1.125” diameter

Max. Bus Bar Dimensions: 2.38” x 0.38”


SIMPSON 884-2 & 886-2 

Sound Level Meters

EURO 350

Simpson's sound level meters come in two different versions to handle virtually any noise measurement requirement: the Model 884-2 with an "A" weighted scale for simple measurements and the Model 886-2 with a choice of fast or slow response and "A", "B" or "C" weighting. All three models have output jacks for connecting to a Chart Recorder. Optional calibrators are available for in-field adjustment.

  • General purpose, type 2 meters for OSHA and laboratory sound measurements
  • Full coverage from 40-140dB with special 85-115dB OSHA range
  • "A", "B", and "C" weighted measurement options
  • Rugged solid-state reliability, battery-operated
  • Impact-resistant case contoured to minimize sound energy field reflections

SIMPSON 501 Insulation Tester

EURO 1500

Simpson's Model 501 is the newest addition to its insulation tester family. The Model 501 can be used for general purpose insulation tests that require voltages from 50 V to 1000 V only. Additionally, this instrument is equipped with AC and DC measuring ranges up to 1000 V. This is especially advantageous for testing devices for the absence of voltage and the discharge of capacitive devices under test. The Model 501 features a quick testing signal lamp within the test probe that serves to illuminate the work area. The signal lamp can also be used for quick Pass/Fail evaluations of insulation resistances. Minimum values for insulation resistances are present if the lamp lights up. Each tester comes equipped with built-in test probes, one alligator clip, a leatherette carrying case and batteries.

  • Five Test Voltages: 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 VDC
  • Voltage Measurement to 1000 V AC/DC
  • Test Probe Signal Lamp Illuminates Work Area and Indicates Pass/Fail of Insulation Resistance
  • Rugged Tester Design for Industrial Applications with Leatherette Carrying Case
  • Battery Powered, with Battery Test and Battery Charge Indicator
Digilert 100 Handheld Digital Radiation Alert® Detector
a ß y x

The Digilert 100 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of counts per minute (CPM) or mR/hr, or in accumulated counts. A red LED flashes and beeper sounds with each count detected and when the radiation reaches a user set alert level.


Halogen-quenched GM tube with mica end window. Mica window density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2. Effective window diameter is .360 inch. Side wall is .012 inch thick.
4-digit liquid crystal display with mode indicators. Display updates every 60 sec.
Count Light
Red LED flashes with each count.
Audio Indicator
Sounds with each count (can be switched off for silent operation).
Pulsating beeper sounds the alert. Three separate adjustable alert levels are used for mR/hr, CPM, µSv/hr:, and Total.
Dual miniature jack sends counts to CMOS- compatible devices, including computers, data loggers, and educational data collection systems. Submini jack provides audio output to an external earpiece, amplifier, or tape recorder.

Monitor 4 & 4EC Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector
a ß y x
Same Monitor 4. New ergonomic design. The M4 and M4EC are compact, general purpose survey meters capable of detecting alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays over 3 selectable ranges. A red count light flashes and a beep sounds with each event detected. The Monitor 4EC offers a more linear reading for gamma and x-rays (above 40 keV). Click here for Original Monitor 4.


Monitor 4: Halogen-quenched uncompensated GM tube with thin mica window 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 thick. Monitor 4EC: Halogen-quenched GM tube, energy compensated sidewall 2mm tin filter. Thin mica window 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 thick.
Analog Meter holds full scale in fields as high as 100X max reading.
Operating Range
0-50 mR/hr and 0-500, 0-5,000, 0-50,000 CPM or 0-500 µSv/hr
Monitor 4 Energy Sensitivity
M4: Detects alpha down to 2.5 MeV; typical detection efficiency at 3.6 MeV > 80%. Detects beta at 50 keV with 35% efficiency. Detects beta at 150 keV with 75% efficiency. Detects gamma and x-rays down to 10 keV through the window, 40 keV minimum through the sidewall. Normal background is approximately 10-20 CPM.
M4EC: is the Same as Monitor 4 except the energy response for gamma and x-rays through the detector sidewall is flat within +61% or -26% over the range of 40 keV to 100 keV, and
within +35% or -17% over the range of 100 keV to 1.3 MeV.
Range Switch
X1, X10, X100.
±15% of full scale (referenced to Cs-137)

Gamma Sensitivity: Operating Range
1000 CPM/mR/hr (referenced to Cs-137)
Energy Sensitivity for the 4EC is the Same as Monitor 4 except the energy response for gamma and x-rays through the detector sidewall is flat within +61% or -26% over the range of 40 keV to 100 keV, and within +35% or -17% over the range of 100 keV to 1.3 MeV.
0-.5, 0-5, 0-50 mR/hr
0-500, 0-5,000, 0-50,000 CPM or 0-500 µSv/hr
0-50 mR/hr.
Range Switch
X1, X10, X100, Battery Check.
Typically ±15% of reading (referenced to Cs-137)

xoscilloscope.jpg (120478 byte) 590 euro

Digital Oscilloscope Handheld Digital Scopemeter

1.The auto set function, continuously fully automatic adjustment of amplitude range and time base.
2.Waveforms and waveform parameters can be displayed on the screen at the same time. The users can choose parammeters(such as RMS, peak to peak,means, frequency, period and so on)according to their needs.
3.With 100Msa/s real time sampling rate each channel and 20MHz bandwidth.It can quickly and factually reflect the waveform state and catch the fault impulse with the least breadth of 10ns.
4.Save and recall function.It can save six groups of waveform data and ten groups of parameter setups.
5.High distinguishable crystal display. It can display the details of the waveform distinctly.
6.With compact, convenient, full functional operating menu.
7.It can be portable with lighter,smaller,only 0.7kg weight.
8.Supplied with Ni-battery. It can be used under all kinds of environment conveniently.


·Bandwidth:20Mhz(Real Time Bandwidth)
·Channel Number:2
·Raise Time:17.5ns
·Sampling Rate:100Msa/s
·Horizontal Sensitivity:10ns/div---5s/div,With 1-2-5 Steps
·Horizontal Precision:0.01%+1Pixel
·Horizontal Distinguishability:10ns
·Vertical Sensitivity:5mV/div---20V/div,with 1-2-5 steps
·Vertical Precision:±(5%+1 pixel)
·Vertical Distinguishability:8Bit
·Maximum Input Voltage:300Vp-p(BNC)
·Trigger Mode:Normal,Auto,Single
·Cursor Measure:Horizon,Verticality
·Screen Display:80mm×60mm Screen;320Dots×240Dots Backlight Adjustable·Display Mode:Dots Display,Vectors Display
·Save:6 Groups of Waveforms And 10 Groups of parameters
·Input Impedence:1MΩ、≤20pF
·Channel Isolation:>100:1

xlcrmeter.jpg (102752 byte) euro 60

Lcr meter

·3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999
·3 Functions, 24 Ranges
Inductance measurement 0.1μH to 200H
·Capacitance measurement 0.1pF to 20000μF
·Dissipation factor measurement
·Low battery indication
·Overload protection


xtachometer.jpg (86139 byte) 40 euro

Tachometer speed meter

Display: LCD
Contact tach: 2.5 to 19,999 RPM
Surface speed: 0.05 ~ 1,999.9m/min
Resolution: 1 RPM (over 1,000 RPM)
Accuracy: ±(0.05%n + 1RPM)
Memory: Max. / Min. / Last value
Battery: 4x1.5V AA(UM-3) battery
Size: 190x72x37mm
Weight: 280g(including batteries)

xluxmeter.jpg (98907 byte) euro 25

Lux meter

Display: LCD
Luminosity: 0 ~ 50000 LUX
Accuracy: ±(5%±5d)
Resolution: 1 LUX
Battery: 4 x 1.5V AAA
Size: 132 x 64 x 34mm

xsoundmeter.jpg (66397 byte) 75 euro

Sound lever meter noise meter

Disply: LCD
Function: SL, LN and simple Leq
Frequency range: 31.5Hz ~ 8kHz
Measurement range: 40 ~ 125dB
Resolution: 0.1dB
Detection characteristics: Fast, slow and peak hold
Sound level: 40 ~ 125dB
Sampling time: 0.1 second
Battery: 1.5V x 4 (AA)
Size: 212 x 69 x 32mm
Weight: 325g

xminimultimeter.jpg (32262 byte) euro 8

Mini pocket multimeter

·3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading 1999
·Low Battery indication
·Overload protection

Diode Check:3V/0.8mA

xclamp-dig.jpg (89620 byte) euro 40

Open jaw clamp meter multimeter

EM450 is an pen jaw Digit electrical tester. There are DCV, ACV, *, CAP, PREQUENCY, DIODE TEST, CONTINUITY TEST AND DUTY CYCLE TEST function. Otherwise there are AUTO AND MANUAL RANGE, DATA HOLD, AND BACKLIGHT AUTO OFF TIME LIMIT MODE. Test leads can be inserted on groove of back of the tester.

Meets IEC1010-1 concerning safety requirements.
Display: 3999 counts.
DCV: 4/40/400V±0.7%, 1000V±0.8%
ACV: 4/40/400V±0.8%, 700V±1.0%
ACA: 200A±3.0% (50Hz to 400Hz)
Resistor: 400/4k/40k/400k/4MΩ±1.2%, 40MΩ±2.0%
CAP: 40n/400n/4μF±4.0%
FREQUENCE: 10Hz to 100kHz±2.0%
DUTY CYCLE: 0.1% to 99.9%
POWER: Battery 6F22(9V)X1

xanemometer.jpg (22375 byte) euro 100

Digital anemometer

Disply: LCD
Air velocity: 0.4 ~ 30.0m/s;
1.4 ~ 108.0km/h;
80 ~ 5910ft/min;
0.8 ~ 58.3knotsm/s
Temperature: 0 ~ 60°C
Resolution: 0.1/1
Accuracy: ±2%+2d
Battery: 9V 6F22
Size: 140 x 71 x 32mm


xumiditymeter.jpg (84505 byte) euro 85

Humidity themperature meter

Disply: LCD
Humidty: 10% ~ 95%
Accuracy: ±2.5%RH ± 1%RH
Temperature: -10°C ~ 65°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Sampling Time: 0.4 second
Memory: Max. / Min. / Last value
Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA (UM-3) battery
Size: 202 x 72 x 37mm

xmoisturemeter.jpg (67644 byte) euro 30

Wood moiture meter

·Hold switch (press and hold) to freeze the LCD reading during moisture measuring.

·Adjustable calibration select switch for more accurate results.

Measure moisture from 0-100%

Measure temperature from -49~49.8°C
(Selectable switch °C/°F)

Hold switch (press and hold) to freeze the LCD reading during moisture measuring.

Adjustable calibration select switch for more accurate results.

Foldable and six positions detection arm.
i.e 0°; 45°; 90°; 135°; 180°; 225°; 270°;

Operate with 2pcs AAA battery

Low battery indication

Hold icon display "?"

xclamp-dig1.jpg (94075 byte)

Digital Clamp meter

·3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading 1999
·Data-hold function
·DCA & ACA measurement
·Low battery indication
·Overload protection
·Audible continuity


M24 Gold Tester The most advanced gold tester in the world, the M24 precisely determines gold karat values equal to or greater than 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 20K, 22K, and 24K. Battery operated and comes with a one year warranty. Price: $209.95 M24 Chemical Kit (1995) Price: $19.95 

xinfraredtermometer.jpg (30827 byte) euro 50

Ir thermometer

·Check temperature of engine,muffler , brakes and more
·Check temperature of tires and brakes
·Check for leaks around windows and doors
·Check temperature of heater vents or air conditioner
·Measures surface temperature without making contact
·Laser pointer for accurate use
·Easy to read large digital display

·TEMPERATURE RANGE:-4° to 608°F / -20° to 320°C
·ACCURACY:±2°C(±3°F) or 2% reading
·RESPONSE TIME:500mSec, 95%
·RELATIVE HUMIDITY:10-95% RH noncondensing@up to 86°F
·STORAGE TEMP:-4° to 150°F
·WEIGHT: .33 lb (without battery)

xtemperature.jpg (141380 byte) euro 25

Temperature meter
* 0°C / 0°F can be selected
* Memory for the last measurement
* Checking for sensor error
* Over temperature alarm
* Auto power off
* Low battery display

Temp. range:-50℃ ~ 300℃ ( -58°F ~ 572°F )
Minimum scale:0.1℃ ( 0.1°F )
Precision:0.0℃ ~ 80℃ (±℃ or 2°F)
Battery:2 x 1.5V(AAA)

xautomotivetester.jpg (82193 byte) euro 65

 Automotive multi tester

which tests the electrical system of an automobile completely. This multipurpose instrument:
1. Tests Battery voltage
2. Checks the batery condition while starting the engine
3. Checks lnterior and exterior lights
4. Checks Relays and power windows
5. Test power windows and electric motors
6. LED Light source
7. It aslso has a powerful light source, Circuit breaker protected voltage source and warning buzzer
8. There power supply functions when testing Shorted or overloaded circuits
9. Protects wires and components when testing Shorted or overloaded circuits
10. Finds open or disconnected parts
11. Temperature Measurable Adaptor(-10 ~+ 130 /Optional Accessory

xstethoscope.jpg (61046 byte) euro 65

Electronics stethoscope

·Machinery noise easily located in normal industrial environments

Sound amplification with volume control
Headset combined with ear defenders to
cut out background noise
2 Probe tip,lengths 60 and 290mm
Strong probe boby,black ABS molding
9 volt alkaline battery for about 30 hours
continuous operation
Instrument case and battery included


xcabletracker.jpg (41965 byte) euro 25

Cable finder cable tracker

The instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. For telephone line, it can identify some state in the line, and more convenience to install, debug, maintain telephone line. There are a Sender and a Receiver included in The Cable Tracker.

1. Judge continuity of the cables or wires.

2. Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point.

3. Receive the tone signal on the cables or wires(telephone line)

4.lndentify the state in the working telephone line(clear, ring, busy)

5. Send a single solid tone or a dual alternating tone to the object cables or wires.

xmilliohm.jpg (95158 byte) euro 100

Milliohm meter

1. Very low impedance measurement by four wire type one pair coated clip;
2. Applicable measurement of resistence, motor coil, transformer, printed circuit board;
3. Accurate measurement of conductor, welding point, etc;
4. Wide measurement range, 0.1mΩ to 20kΩ in 6 positions;
5. HOLD switch: lockup reading on LCD display; 6. Backlight function


xinsulation.jpg (88495 byte) euro 100

Insulation resistance meter

This instrument is accurate, reliable and easy to operate. For insulation resistance test, you can change the test voltage among 250V, 500V and 1000V. It can also be used to test ACV, resistance which is less than 200Ω, and test for continuity. You can use it to test transformer, motor, cable, switch, electrical appliance as well as to do insulation resistance test.

1. Data hold function;
2. Test voltage can be changed by the rotary switch;
3. LED used as normally working indicator under high voltage condition;
4. Auto range in insulation resistance measurement;
5. Auto power off;
6.High ability to withstand high load;
7. Powered by batteries,no need to generate electricity by hand;
8.Protection circuit provided, be able to avoid damage caused by the discharge voltage of the tested load;
9.for easier operation. The timer can last about 30 seconds after users press test button.

AC 700V 1V 1.5%rdg 5 dgts
200Ω 0.1Ω 1.0%rdg 3 dgts
2000M/250V 10K <200MΩ 3%rdg+3dgts
200MΩ/500V 10K >200MΩ 3%rdg+3dgts

xearthtester.jpg (96095 byte) euro 100

Earth tester

1. Capable of measuring earth voltage
2. 2mA measuring current permits earth resistance tests without tripping earth leakage current breakers in the circuit under test
3. Battery operated
4. Data hold function
5. Small and light weight.
6. IEC 1010 CAT.III
7. Function of timer test
8. Function of test lock
9. Backlight function
10. Auto power off

Earth Voltage: 200V 1.2%rdg+3dgts
Earth Resistance: 20Ω 2%rdg+10dgts
200Ω 2%rdg+3dgts
Size/Weight:168 × 110 × 62mm / 485g

xmultidetector.jpg (27832 byte) euro 15

Multidetector 4 in 1

Auto calibration for easy operation. 3-in-1 detector finding. Metal, Live wires and wood studs. LCD and sound signal to indicate findings. Auto power off.

This unit can be used when you want to do the following items:
1. Hang mirror, picture, cabinet, and shelves securely.
2. Install grab bar, ceiling fan, and chandelier.
3. Find metallic pipes in concrete.
4. Find electrical box, exhaust vent, conduit, rebar, and ducting.
5. Trace hot wires behind ceiling, floor and wall.

Stud mode:Up to 20mm
Metal mode:Up to 40mm for copper
Up to 76mm for rebar
Voltage mode:Typical depth of 50mm for 90-250V at 50-60Hz

Operation condition:-7°C ~ 40°C below 75% RH
Storage condition:-20°C ~ 50°C below 86% RH
Dimension:159(L) x 82(W) x 31.5(T)mm
Weight:250g (including battery)

xmailpackage.jpg (29111 byte) euro 65

Mail and Package detector

The TS67 powerful Mail and Package Detectors deep scanning loop allows for deep penetration of envelopes, boxes, bags, containers and and other paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and other materials where dangerous or suspicious weapons or metals can be concealed.

a. M4 X 12 screw
b. * 30mm ring (diameter of the ring lead: * 0.1mm)
c. LR-636 battery



xultrasonic.jpg (45493 byte) euro 25

Measures distances
Detects wood
Detects metal
Detects AC wires

·Measurement range:0.6~15 meters


toolnet.jpg (25031 byte) euro 70

tool kit for service repair voice data network, include: -Tone Generator&Probe Cable Tester.
Multifunction-Network Cable Tester.
Crimping Plier.
Punch Down Tool With 110/66 Blades.
Cable Stripping Plier.
7pcs Folding Hex Key Set.
Mini Torch.
6"Adjustable Wrench.
5¡Á75mm 6¡Á100mm
5¡Á75mm 6¡Á100mm
5"Diagonal Cutting Plier.
5"Long Nose Plier.
Zipper Kit.

xpocketscale.jpg (65941 byte) euro 25

Digital pocket scale

1. High resolution
2. Low power consumption
3. LCD display
4. 4 buttons
5. Four kinds of unit to be selected
6. Low battery indication
7. Auto power off: in 120 seconds if it is not in use

Weighe of the test weight:500g
maximum load:500g
finest calibration:0.1g
operating temperature range:-20℃~+65℃
safe overload %F.S:120%



xwalkthrudetector1.jpg (40300 byte) euro 1650


Working tmperature:-10*~50*; relative humidity:<90% Water-proof degree:IP41 Power supply:95V~250V(50Hz or 60Hz) Power consumption:<30W Alarm mode:Red LED and adjustable audible alarm Path size:Width-0.7m,Height-2m,Length-0.6m

1.Easy to carry and install. TS-120 walk-through metal detector was designed in modularization.According to the manual,user can install and disassemble it quickly. 2.Modularzation design greatly reduce the possibility of malfunction.Because of easy disassembly,it is easier for the TS-1200 walk-through metal detector to be repaired. 3.Its detecting circuit can work continuously,so any person can‘t shun being detected.Its switch and plugs are built-in, so it can avoid disturbance and can work continuously. 4.It can detect all kinds of metal,including stainless steel,iron,manganes,alloy zinc,etc. 5.It uses wide rang of voltage as power supply:90V~250V.

xwalkthrudetector.jpg (53967 byte) euro 1450


·bent and formed metal tube, removable sensor
·With inspection return-circuit, eliminating blind
·zones, thoroughly detecting inspected objects
·from bottom to top for any metals

·Unique water-proof characteristic in the world,
·available for using in the open air
·Loud warning and bright light indicator
·Freely adjustable sensitivity
·Accurate grading, high sensitivity on all metal
·Multi-measures on anti-interference effectively
·avoiding mis-actions
·Intelligent warning calculator, accurately
·counting out warning times
·Highly specialized in plug-in integrated circuit
·for signal handling
·Available for accessorized use with other devices
·Available for detection and handling system on
·bulk materials conveying in industrial and
·mineral enterprises
·Two or more metal detector gates applicable to
·work at the same time
·Friendly to magnetic devices (disk, tape, credit
·card etc)

RADIATIONMETER.jpg (12396 byte) EURO 160


detection of alpha, beta e gamma ray, cicle  measure in  30/38 sec

 0 - 10 mR/Hr  # 0 - 100 microS/Hr

 0 - 100 mR/Hr # 0 - 1000 microS/H

 geiger muller tube sensor- precise meter

 work with one 9 v  battery   - temperature -49 a + 131 gradi F

phpen.jpg (23140 byte) EURO 20

PH PEN Pocket sized and lightweight for portable use in a large

number of applications including labs, water quality testing,

pool and spa maintenance, aquariums, aqua-culture, and

hydroponics. Splash proof. Measures the full 0 ~ 14 pH

range with a high 0.1 pH accuracy and resolution. One point calibration. Powered by 4 button cell batteries

ANEMOMETER.jpg (38085 byte) euro 140

4in1 Multi-Function Environment Meter

  • 4 in 1 for Light meter, Anemo meter, Relative Humidity meter, Temperature meter.

  • 3 1/2 large LCD display with units of Lux,  ¡æ,  ¨H, %RH and C & dB, A & dB indication.

  • Easy to use.

  • Light measuring levers ranging from 0.01 Lux to 20,000 Lux

  • Temperature measuring levers ranging from -20¡æ~750¡æ/-4¨H~1400¨H

  • Humidity measurement from 25%RH to 95%RH with 0.1%RH resolution and fast time response

  •   Wind speed  level measurement from 0  to 100 kmH for A, C Frequency weighting checking with 0.1 dB resolution and fast time

  • Auto power off.

  • Data hold and Maximum hold.

  • Accessories:9V battery, temperature probe.

  • Dimensions/Wt.: 251.0 X 63.8 X 40mm/250g

eliminator.jpg (19468 byte)  

euro 50


Big range of ion wind area; wind velocity and volume adjustable;

Air-blowing angle can be adjusted  

Wide range of application: Mainly suitable for processing and assembly of electronic products; assembly of camera, watch and other precision instruments;  

power 10 watt - 10 KVdc, pair elettrode

ion air 2 mc - range 400 - 1500 mm


EURO 96 desolder with pump


   24 Vdc desoldering gun with powerful suction  pump 15 L/min, for 380-480 C.

 24 Vac, soldering iron 200-480 C. and especially-light handle which can meet various requirements of soldering; 

220 V chip removal by hot air pump 24 L/min, with temp 100 - 420 C making reworking  

Two-in-one and  three-in-one   rework system, featuring total reworking fuctions, compact structure and independently-used each function;

complete with nozzle and accessoriers

200.jpg (15862 byte) 

from euro 75


MODELS:  1 LT, 2 LT, 4 LT, 6 LT, 10 LT.


Ultrasonic washing machine cleaners 

Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, consistent, and safe method to clean and deterge the small, delicate parts and tools with powerful rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. Application of our products includes:

• Electronic Industry for delicate parts
• Medical and Labs for consistency
• Jewelry Industry for intricate parts
• Auto Industry for rugged parts

* footcare



* etc, etc,


euro 180

Natural EM Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields,  and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly. 

 euro 75

emf radio/microwave alarm is the size of a small pager.  (US), this detector is ideal for anyone trying to find out exactly what's emitting radio or microwaves, including hidden sources. Just turn it on, select the sensitivity level you want, and put it in your purse or pocket.  [Actual size is 2.25 inches high X 1.6 wide X .75 thick.]


euro 340


Accuracy in the FM, TV and cell tower frequency range (30 MHz – 2.4 GHz) is +/-25%. Sensitivity is low by 50% (-3 dB) at the frequency limits .5 MHz and 3 GHz. (Sensitivity is 25% at 5 GHz. That is, you must multiply the reading by 4 when measuring microwaves at that high a frequency. At 10 GHz, sensitivity is about 10%.)

A High-Pass selector switch allows you to measure either the full bandwidth ("Wide" = 0.5 MHz – 3 GHz) or to apply a high-pass filter ("Narrow" = 6 dB/ octive rolloff with a knee at 100 MHz) that effectively allows only 100 MHz to 3 GHz through. In practice, this high-pass selector function can be used to estimate one additional parameter: the average frequency of the RF (if it is in the range 10 MHz – 500 MHz).


euro 120

EMF EFM electromagnetic electric microwave meter

the meter detects either frequency- weighted magnetic fields (two separate scales), or frequency-weighted electric fields in the ELF and VLF range. It has significant sensitivity at 100,000 Hz, well past the 17,000 Hz horizontal scan of video displays. The radio/microwave setting can detect up to three billion Hz (3 GHz), which lets you gauge radio- wave power, CB and cellular phone equipment, and many types of radars.

 A circuit amplifies these signals and gives them the proper frequency-weighting (sensitivity increases linearly from 30 Hz to 500 Hz, but with some residual sensitivity up to 100 MHz). A unique network combines the three coil outputs nonlinearly to approximate a true magnitude. The meter is sensitive from 0.2 to 100 milligauss full scale at 60 Hz (or 0.1 to 50 milligauss full scale at 120 Hz, etc.) with a resolution of 0.2 milligauss in the sensitive range. Accuracy is +/-20% at mid-range. A version with flat frequency response (instead of linear sensitivity increase) is also available for the same price

Prestige Series II This unit comes with advanced testing features and options. Our twelve light display makes it possible to identify CZ, diamonds, and other stones such as sapphires. Warm up time is less than seven seconds. Manual controls allow for accurate tests outside normal environmental conditions. The Prestige Series II comes with a full two year warranty. Operates on a 9V battery. Item Code: P2 Retail Price: $109.95

pollutionmeter.jpg (25788 byte) USD 60


read up to 999 ppm

microprocessor unit

3,5 lcd display

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Automatically converts U.S. to metric and metric to U.S. for measurements of volume, area, length, temperature, or weight. Unique feature allows conversion of one measurement into every other unit of measure in the same category via a single press on the appropriate buttons. For example input 1 gallon then press "qt" and the display reads 4. Now press "tblsp" and the display reads 256. Next press "ml" and it reads 3785.32, and so on.

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Volt, Amp, CosØ P.F.
KW, Hz,
% Armoniche, T.H.D.
KVArh, KWh
KVAr +/-
Picco KVA
Picco KW
Temperatura C1-C2
hh - mm - ss
gg - mm - aa

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It is the function that allows analyzer  to visualize on display and on the print if one of the controlled parameters overcome the set-up limits. On set-up pages can be set, up to 4 minimum or maximum alarms, to be chosen among the 8 available parameters. These alarms with transistor exit, if connected to MA4 external module by means of 4 relays, can signal the need of intervention



is a portable version  electric energy analyzer. In fact, inside the case, type 24 hours you can find the analyzer, three amperometric clamp meters and if requested - a thermal printer is possible to connect Studied for a mobile duty,The analyzer is useful to do the measure campaigns on the three-phase electric plants with unbalanced loads. There's no need of any fixed installation. You can leave the analyzer and observe all the parameters of a plant in required time, simply by supplying the instrument to the 230 VAC net and further on by connecting the amperometric clamp meters and the voltmetric terminal. Our analyzer is produced in various versions that correspond to the user requirements. can have all the optional function  analyzer installed and it has got the possibility of the connection to PC and the observed data processing

The printer lets to print the data in the fixed intervals, the sheet of the printing has got as the heading month/day/year - hour/minute/second and following the measures of the basic three-phase and single phase parameters. The sign '#' before the parameter means that the alarm is set on that value. The sign '*' before the '#' means that the value has entered in alarm. The alarms are always positioned on the single phases. If a parameter under observation goes in alarm, the printer starts printing. If this alarm finishes, the next printing stars to be a proof of the variation.

The memory module inside  lets to remain the whole unit installed on the plant and control that plant for the required time. After that time, you are able to take the whole equipment home.

Once you had come back in the office, it is possible to connect analyzer to PC and to work out the observed data. We obtain a global vision of the executed observations by downloading the memory file  to your PC. Immediately, you are able to notice the moments of the day when there were found anomalies.

It is the function that allows to visualize on display and on the print if one of the controlled parameters overcome the set-up limits.


MAX LOAD - LOADS DISCONNECTION. When the max power setting is made  unit, this function can control up to 4 different loads. When the max kW value is entered for max load disconnection, the analyzer unit starts immediately calculating whether, during the integration time, the load will exceed the power setting. If the absorbed power exceeds the set value, the unit starts the countdown of seconds to the disconnection of load 4.

It is provided, as standard equipment, a set of 3 clamp meters US.UE 1000A/1V. Alternatively, are available the clamp meters that are distinguished by the technical specifications or by price. Attention, please get assured that the output of the clamp meters is 1VAC. For further information, give reference to a right catalogue and a current price-list

Input: Voltmeter L1-N, L2-N, L3-N - max 400V RMS - 50Hz, 60Hz, 400 Hz
Input: Amperometer 0-5A RMS - 50Hz, 60Hz, 400 Hz
Overload: Voltmeter 1000V RMS - max for 1 s.
Overload: Amperometer 20A RMS - max for 1 s.
Feeding: 230VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Automatic scales change: 3 tensions, 4 current
Measurements displayed in true RMS value
Measuring method: digital sampling
Sampling frequency: 4800 Hz
Automatic offset compensation: Every second
Accuracy: Tension, Current, Active reactive and apparent power: 1% full scale
P.F.: ± 0,02 unit
Frequency: 0,5% of reading
RAM memory module: 32kb
SET-UP values of the analyzer are stored on EEPROM
Temperature: from -10°C to +50°C
Relative humidity range: from 20% to 80%
Reference standard: IEC 348, VDE 411

Made with microprocessor technology, the analyzer three-phase Energy Measurement unit in versions for DIN guide or panel, allows the operators to monitor and make adjustments to three phase electrical systems with unbalanced loads in production plants, foundries, mechanical workshops or on single automatic machines, to optimize electricity consumption and avoid waste. 

The version available display 14 pages of data, comprising a total of 46 parameter controls. Used with the pre-set data setting, the unit offers total monitoring detail.

RS232 it is a serial output for connection to a personal computer, for the management of analizer. A software program "analyzer SoftCom",  is able to display the analyzeer unit on PC, to modify unit parameters and to extract measurements made on the network, for the construction and the processing of a history file concerning all electrical parameter trends of a user.


By using the RS485 outlet and the MSC485/232 module it is possible to interconnect more moduls units, to create an authentic network, until a maximum of 127 units, that can be directly controlled by PC. Supplied at 220 VAC, it amplifies the communication signal and allows, simply using telephone wire, to reach the distance of 1000 meters between the PC and the last modul installed.

 The Earth Magnetometer with battery and probe rod. It weighs only 18 ounces (= 510 grams), and runs about 8 hours on the included standard 9-volt alkaline battery. It measures difference in field strength to accuracy of +/-0.5% of the difference, either for point-to-point or time-to-time measurements. In other words, if one location is 2.00 milligauss (200 nanotesla) stronger than another location, the Earth Magnetometer will indicate that difference to accuracy of +/- .01 milligauss or 1 nanotesla.

    This magnetometer has a magneto-resistive sensor, which uses the spins of electrons flowing through a circuit, rather than their charge, to measure magnetic field. This type of device most closely resembles a “flux gate” magnetometer, but the magneto-resistive technology is newer, smaller, less expensive and intrinsically more stable over temperature.

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