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Localisation radar 

MPS technology

Range of up to 60 km in the open field

With the MPS technology (Martin Positioning System), you can find your dog in all circumstances

The receiver indicates the direction and distance of your dog and its GPS coordinates. The stimulation button can be synchronised to a collar of the Martin System range to control your dog at all times.

Thanks to extensive research in the radio frequency field, the system has an exceptional range while maintaining radio standards. Possessing and using this equipment are therefore perfectly legal.




Training collars

Training collar TINY TRAINER range with the patented : TT 400 SSC*

400 m range, 1 dog, super compact remote control

Remote control


Training collar TINY TRAINER range with the patented : TT 1000 SSC*

1000 m range, 2 dog, super compact remote control

Remote control


Training collar PRO TRAINER range with the patented : PT 3000 SSC*

3000 m range, remote control for 2 dogs, 9 operating modes

"Finger Kick"compatible

Remote control


Training collar PRO TRAINER range with the patented : Beagle Master 4by4 SSC*

4000 m range, remote control for 4 dogs

"Finger Kick"compatible

Remote control


Special applications


localisation collars have all the functions that are fully required for efficient and effective use:

The ergonomic qualities of the collar have been designed for the maximum comfort of the animal.

The body is automatically aligned towards the bottom of the neck and so avoids the need for counterweights and excessive tightening of the strap. Owning a Martin System beeper collar: means you never make a mistake!

All these models have all the functions previously listed.

Tracking mode: This operating mode allows you to know where and how the dog is hunting at any time. The collar transmits different beeps depending on how the animal is moving. The sound signals get closer together the faster the animal is moving. Tracking mode has been shown to be very useful for beater dogs.

Hawk scream mode : This operating mode uses the instinct of the animals being hunted. When the dog points, the collar transmits a signal imitating the call of a bird of prey. The first instinct of small game is to freeze on the ground, so allowing more time for the user to act. This function is ideal for training young dogs to point.


Bird launchers

The launcher allows a bird to be released at a chosen time. Useful for training a pointer dog and for awareness towards bird flight.


Two models



The launcher is supplied with a Tiny Trainer remote control allowing you to control up to 9 bird launchers.

Compatible with all the remote controls in the new Martin System range.

From the TT1000, you can control bird launchers and one dog simultaneously (3 in the case of the Beagle Master).

Optional extras: Additional bird launcher

No-Bark collars - Antibark collars

Two-fold technology for bark detection for more effectiveness and safety. Neck vibrations + vocal cords vibrations. No-Bark collars of Martin System are suitable for all dogs.. The stimulations give them unpleasant sensations. The level can be adjusted, automatically or manually, depending on the sensitivity of the dog. Only the barks of the dog wearing the collar are detected.

Innovative technology combines two methods for detecting barks:

This technology, which is completely unaffected by barking from other dogs, uses a microprocessor that analyses the detected signals in detail and so does not send random stimulations due to knocks, rubbing or other interference.

The ergonomic qualities of the collar have been designed for the maximum comfort of the animal. The fastening strap goes around the body ensuring that it does not get lost and provides a good contact with the dog’s neck, whilst ensuring maximum comfort. There are also no external parts on the appliance for measuring vibrations, which are not very comfortable and irritating for the animal.


E-fence NEW FOR 2008

Protection for up to 9 hectares.
3 programmable zones: the containment zone, the warning zone from 0.5 m to 3 m and the stimulation zone.

The Martin System invisible fence combines effectiveness, durability and ease of use. It allows you to confine one or several dogs within an area of 9 hectares. The effectiveness of the receiver collar is the result of innovative technology, both on a performance level as well as on a consumption level. These processes ensure complete reliability, whilst guaranteeing an exceptional battery life, which can last for up to over a year!

All of the system’s components have been designed for fast and easy use. The transmitter connects to a standard wall socket. The area of the zone to be covered is set out by the installation of a single electric wire. The area that can be protected can go up to 9 ha: 1.2 km of wire.

The invisible boundaries created by the transmitter wire make up two distinct zones:

1. The warning zone

When the animal goes into this zone, a warning signal tells it that it is about to cross into the zone where it is not allowed.

2. The stimulation zone

If the animal continues to cross the warning zone, it goes into the stimulation zone. Electrostatic stimulations are then produced by the appliance.

The detection distance can be adjusted within a range of 0.5 m to 3 m depending on the antenna. The proportion between the stimulation zones and warning zones can also be adjusted as desired. The transmitter retains its programming in its memory and can reproduce pre-determined conditions of use on any other existing fence. For example, for a second home all you have to do is set up and activate the fence then bring the transmitter from your main home. No need to reprogramme the appliance!

E-fence 2008

protection up to 9 ha

AimSHOT Heatseeker Infrared Spotter with Laser HS3510B, HS3510C Product Info

AimSHOT HeatSeeker 3510 Infrared heat sensor with lasers features the latest military and law-enforcement thermal heat sensor technology. Impressively, this thermal heat sensor tracks accurately up toimage 300 yards! These heatseeker come with a built-in laser that help you pinpoint the heat source with an accuracy that has never been available before.  heat seeker are perfect for hunting, law enforcement, or security solutions. With 64 different intensity settings on this infrared tracker you can be confident you'll receive accurate readings. When you hear or see the bar graph of AimSHOT HeatSeeker HS 3510 indicate a target, you turn on the laser to point directly to the target.

There are many uses for the AimSHOT HeatSeeker:

Technology for the hunt, security or law enforcement! it works by detecting heat sources and motion of heat to help find game and bad guys. Temperatures are read as infrared light waves which appear on the digital bar graph display. A "squelch" alert can also be heard through the ear plug. Detects objects as close as 2' and can reach as far as 900' under optimum conditions! Great for scanning woods, tracking wounded animals or personal security.

Available Models of Aimshot HS3500 Thermal Imaging Systems:

Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A-E Heatseeker Product Info

Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A E Heat Seeker is simple to use yet powerful for all types imageand sizes of game recovery from birds to large animals. The knob on the side of GameFinder A Enhanced Gray CF-A-E GameSeeker is an on/off control and, like a radio, a gain control. Turn the knob to turn Game Finder Model A on and turn the gain all the way up. Warm up takes only about 10 seconds but performance improves after about one minute.

Hold with the Bar Graph Display up and scan from side-to-side across the area being searched. heatseeker should take about three (3) seconds to scan from one side to the other and back. Maintain a steady back-and-forth scan like the pendulum on a clock. Game Finder Heatseeker GF-A E "finds" changes in temperature. Stronger heat sources will light up more LEDs on the Bar Graph Display than weaker sources. If more than one source is indicated, keep continually scanning while lowering the gain until only one heat source is indicated. That last heat source shown is "The Most Significant" source in the area scanned. Go look at it. If it is what is sought, the search is over. If not, continue searching and progressing in the general direction headed.

Game Finder A Enhanced GF-A E Heatseeker


Bionic Ear & BoosterMagnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful Bionic Ear & Booster® pinpointed sound amplifier/listening device. The Bionic Ear® increases sound by up to 40 decibles using an omni- directional microphone, a solid-state amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall quality sound reproduction. When combined with the optional 12-inch parabolic Bionic Booster®, the Bionic Ear® becomes highly directional, allowing you to easily locate the source of sounds and suppress background noises.
     Hear mere whispers at incredible distances. Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward a distant conversation for surveillance or personal safety. Record bird calls and other sounds with the recorder output jack. The Bionic Ear & Booster® is the only pinpointed amplifier of its size available to the consumer market. Uses include surveillance, law enforcement, personal security, search & rescue, hunting, hard-of-hearing, wildlife observation, outdoor adventures, camping, birdwatching, and much more.


  • Hear a conversation 100 yards away
  • Focus on sound in the direction you point the microphone
  • Tape record what you hear using the Output Jack
  • Further pinpoint sound and reduce background noise with 12" Bionic Booster® parabolic dish
  • Adjustable volume for each ear
  • Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibles
  • Powered by 1- 9 volt battery that lasts about 40 hours
  • Total product weight 28 oz
Ltl Acorn Trail Camera 940nm

This is the invisible Ltl-5211A 940nm, also know as Ltl-5211A black.  The infra red LEDs do not glow red on this model and so it is ideal for covert operations (N.B. the actual infra red light for all models is invisible to the naked eye, it is only the LEDs that have a faint glow in the standard version and most other trail cameras).

A compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case with some pretty amazing features: 3+ month battery life, a sensor and invisible IR night vision range of ~45ft, programmable 5 or 12 Mega Pixel, DVD quality video (640x480), time stamp, security code, high quality photos, video, time lapse option, temperature, moon phase, unique triple sensor - primes the camera to give a 1second trigger and a large LCD for picture and video playback.  We supply the latest version with 12MP interpolation and many additional features (password, full TFT and 12MP). The 5211A has the added benefits of longer video duration (2 minutes), improved camouflage case and 6 shot.

ScoutGuard Trail Camera

A Compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case that is only 5 ½ inches tall and about 3 ¼ inches wide. This cam is just two inches thick. Incorporated into the case design are strap slots and a deep grove across the face of the camera to allow the use of a Python cable for security. There is a small removable sliding door on the bottom of the cam that opens to the front of the camera so that once secured to the tree the card is slot is not secured. Inside the door is the 6 volt external battery jack, TV out jack, USB jack, remote control jack, on/off switch, SD card slot and the battery compartment. This cam requires 8 AA batteries to operate. Includes a LCD remote which will open up the menu and when menu is pressed you can toggle through the programming and as you select a change press the OK button to enter that change. The trigger time is 1.2 seconds which is very good. Power consumption is very low giving up to 3 months of use. There are 22 long range IR emitters and two status LEDs (power up flashing and low battery). A PIR lens which is the multi zone type. The camera lens, incorporates the normal mechanical filter for the IR operation of colour day and IR night pictures.

ScoutGuard GSM Trail Camera

The ScoutGuard SG550M monitors a remote location and keeps you informed thanks to its integrated cell phone/mobile phone. This wireless camera which is not limited by distance automatically takes photos or videos, then sends pictures or data by MMS, SMS and email via your GSM network anywhere in the world. The SG550M can also function as a standard trail and scouting camera and record to an internal memory card.  Ultra low power consumption in standby mode provides up to 80 day use on a single set of batteries.


Electronics Company Italy

Via Pediano 3A 40026 Imola Italy

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