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Rutus Alter 71

the metal detector from the future, is now

with 3 mode of use, motion, static and mixed, and with 7 preprogrammed type of search, the most advanced graphic/vector display with vdi, and many others modern technology, multi/variable working frequency 

The name "Alter 71" - from the Latin "other" and the number 71 represents the number of available frequencies.
Alter 71 is probably the world's first metal detector that will have a smooth tunable frequency. The detector is tunable from 4.4 kHz to 18.4 kHz increments of 0.2 kHz - without the need to replace the probe. Noone detector  on the market can't. 

The detector is equipped with a radio transmitter digital data allowing such cooperation. With handsets or "wireless headphone jack." Digital transmission has been specially designed for this purpose so as not to introduce any delays. 6  battery  "toes" (AAA) depends on the frequency and ranges from 20 to 50 hours. 

The detector has the ability to work in a static mode, dynamic or so. mix - the dynamics of the "mixa" can go smoothly depending on the needs.

Graphic display, ID - 120 points, discrimination classical and selective, chart depending on the phase of the signal, automatically tuning to the ground speed control filters ground in a very wide range, the possibility of programming your own sounds, ranges, speed, separation and many other features make the it is a detector at the world level.
The detector has a completely new mechanical design and is lighter than our existing detectors over 200 g.
For the detector probe will be available both DD and concentric.

Regulatory elements:
Discrimination selective 120 points
Operating frequency of 4.4 kHz to 18.4 kHz jump 0.2
magnetic stones
Response filters (groundwater) - 8 speeds to choose  
Masking 7 levels
variable Tone signal

variable Sensitivity  signal - regulation allowing for a smooth transition from pure dynamic work to "mix"
Strengthening Audio - regulation allows to change the sound characteristics of a dynamic channel and switch it off completely (we obtain in this way the work of a purely static)

variable Volume
 three sound profiles to search for coins, three to "relics, and three freely programmable by the user
Wireless system - off, Channel 1, Channel 2
Backlight - 29 adjustable levels
Type of ID - true (depending on frequency), converted to 6kHz, converted to 12 kHz
Hold time - adjustable display time information about an object on the LCD.

The detector will be 7 factory programs: a deep, deep, large silver, basic, coins, fast, very fast. Factory programs offer a fairly wide cross-section of the possibility of the detector in search of various objects in different conditions. Each factory program can be modified to suit your needs - and the changes are saved when the power is turned off. In case the modifications do not meet user expectations - it is possible to reset each program to factory settings.

Alter 71 of the probe 28 cm DD cases sachet hip


 optional the 23cm concentric coil


Metal detector for advanced and demanding seekers, but at the same time - thanks to the factory presets - very friendly for beginners.

Alter71 may well be a very deep structural engineer working at low and medium frequency, but also very fast, dynamic detector to search for colorful cargo at high frequencies.

The flexibility of the detector also increases the ability to simultaneously work in statics and dynamics.

This detector can all

tunable frequencies from 4.4 to 18.4 kHz Innovative presentation of object identification transmitter built-in digital audio work static, dynamic and mixed Large ranges


Tunable frequency range of 4.4 kHz - 18.4 kHz Stroke retuning 0.2 kHz
Correction reaction to magnetic stones
Adjusting the speed of response filters (groundwater) - 8 levels
Masking beeps - 7 levels
Level control lead
Tone control leading signal
Sensitivity adjustment leading signal
Strengthening audio Volume
6 default profiles sound + 3 freely programmable
wireless audio
adjustable backlighting
Type ID
Backup time information on the LCD
Discrimination 120 levels
Sensitivity 90 levels
Discrimination selective 120 points
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) - 1630 g


Alter71 with probe DD 28 cm, covers, sachet hip, opzional coil 23cm concentric coil


< id display obj

  < separation

< discrimination

< air test  

< field test 

< field test   2





ONE €248


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rutus argo

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rutus alter 71

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garrett at max

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makro nokta anfibio

viking vk40 € 240

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whites mx7

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mini detector € 210

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€299 golden mask 4wd

white's mx sport sub

pulse hunter 8 metri da profondita 

Viking 6 euro 120 nomotion

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white's treasure master

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cuffia 150 ohm

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