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below the target used for the test of most metal detector, you can see the nexus are the best for power


The minimum requirements for depth penetration for all Nexus treasure hunting metal detectors
utilizing at least dual 6" search coil are; 14" (36 cm.) under normal soil and real conditions, for a large coin with diameter 30 mm. 10" (25 cm.) under normal soil and real conditions, for a small silver coin with diameter 18 mm. For example please see the test results on the bottom of this page. The minimum requirements for discrimination for all treasure hunting Nexus metal detectors, regardless the search coil size or shape, is to be capable to distinguish beyond any question between equal in size and mass metal objects, such as coins or buttons, but different in alloy composition such as silver, bronze, lead, copper. Any Nexus metal detector as mentioned above is to be capable of discriminating lead against bronze, copper, silver; bronze against copper and silver. In the same regard any less conductive alloy against alloy with higher conductivity The following test results are from an air bench test. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the maximum possible efficiency of the tested detectors and allow the viewers to judge for them self which detector could be the best. Please note that  the losses under ground will be in average 30% for all detectors. All detectors were tested in equal conditions and maximum available settings Based on the tests results mentioned in the table shown on the previous page the results in the table bellow are extrapolated average figures describing the average sensitivity of the tested metal detectors to few general groups of targets.  The search coil sizes are the same as mentioned in the table above

Coil fitted 9 coil 6” coil 9 circular Standard Standard SUPER12
Bronze Age socketed axe 32 23 20 18 21.05 23
Durotriges base silver stater 17.05 12.05 12 12 12.05 13,
Celtic fibula 7.05 6 8 3 5.05 9,2
Small Roman Bronze Coin (minim) 7.05 6 7 5 6 8
Carausius antonianus 18 13.05 13 13 13 14,9
Vespasian denarius 17 13 12 12 12.05 13,8
Vespasian sesterius 23 16 15 16 16 17,2
Roman bronze ring 21 15.05 11 14 14 12,6
Roman silver ring 18 13 15 11 12.05 17,2
Saxon silver sceat 11 8.05 9 7 8 10,3
Saxon Gold Tremissis 16 11 12 10.05 10.05 13,8
bronze strap end 16.05 13.05 14 11.05 12.05 16,1
Round Hammered Farthing 12 9 10 7.05 8 11,5
Edward I silver penny 15 12 13 10.05 11.05 14,9
Elizabeth I silver 6d 19.05 15 15 12 14 17,2
Nuremburg bronze jeton 16 13 14 11 12 16,1
large bronze strapend buckle 24 19 19 16 17 21,8
silver ring 20 14 13 13.05 14 14,9
lead seal matrix 19.05 13.05 15 17 14 17,2
lead spindle whorl 21 15.05 14 17.05 15 16,1
1869 bronze farthing 18 14.05 14 12 13 16,1
1707 silver sience 18 14 14 13 12.05 16,1
1921 bronze penny 23 17 12 15 15 13,8
1889 silver crown 24 16 14 15 16 16,1
silver fork 25 17 15 14.05 17 17,2
4-hole brass trouser button 16 12 12 10.05 11 13,8
.303 brass cartridge case 20 12.05 15 14 15 17,2

The following images are from a real underground test conducted with Nexus Standard dual 9"
search coil, dual 4" prototype Nexus Gold search coil and Nexus Ultima detector with dual 20"
search coil

The targets used in this test are as follows;
1. One kilogram of copper, bronze and silver coins in a tight as small as possible volume. Depth 24" (60 cm.) under compact soil. 2. English silver six pence coin 18 mm.(equal to a
average Roman denar) Depth 10" (25 cm.) under
compact soil. 3. English Victorian copper penny 30 mm.(equal to a Roman seterci). Depth 14"(36cm.) under compact soil. Nexus Ultima passed test 1 at minimum sensitivity with very good signal in discrimination. Nexus Gold 4" prototype coil passed tests 2 and 3 in maximum sensitivity in all metal and in discrimination

Nexus Standard with dual 9"search coil passed test 2 and 3 at minimum sensitivity with very
good signal in discrimination. It was also possible to detect a small signal in discrimination on
test 1, but only with maximum sensitivity. In tests 2 and 3 the coins are placed 8" (20 cm.) into the compact soil in horizontal position


all of the mentioned above is related to comparison between different detector types?  Following the graphic image on this page I would like to begin this explanation with the so called Multi Frequency Technology (MFT) type of detectors. On the very first place it is important to mention that amongst all detectors based on IB principal, the MFT has the lowest
efficiency, concerning depth penetration capabilities and discrimination accuracy. The reasons: Setting a search head to work on various frequencies will define low Q at all of the frequency setting. That will result in
average to poor depth penetration and unreliable discrimination.
Simultaneous frequency transmission from a TX loop is possible, but that kind of transmission will make the work of any IB detector impossible. Also simultaneous frequency transmission will most certainly result in a very low Q for the whole system. MFT can not offer any real practical  advantage to the IB type of metal detectors as far as depth penetration and discrimination accuracy is concernd. Another popular type of IB metal detectors are those with dual frequency settings. All of the mentioned above conditions apply to this type of detectors as well as to the MFT. The difference in this case is that having the search head system to work only on two frequency setting (one at a time) will provide an opportunity to have maximum Q on at least one of the two frequency setting. That will give a good chance for better depth penetration and discrimination accuracy. The most common type of IB detectors are the single frequency metal detectors. Metal detector set to work at only one frequency, have the best chances to achieve good depth penetration and discrimination accuracy. The next popular type of metal detectors, capable to compete for better depth, are the PI metal detectors. Relative to the transmitted in the ground energy, the PI detectors are with lower efficiency than the IB. However the fact that average PI metal detector can detect targets deeper under ground than average IB detector, is due to the very high level
of the transmitted signals (few hundred volts pulses). With that allowance in their basic principal the PI metal detectors can win almost any competition for depth. However the greatest disadvantage for the PI detectors is the lack of reliable discrimination. Regardless of all claims on the PI market, the PI principal can not allow good discrimination to be achieved.  The best metal detectors regarding depth penetration and discrimination accuracy are the IB detectors tuned in total or as close as possible to total electro-magnetic resonance. The reasons: It is not possible for any kind of loop to achieve higher Q than the Q as a result of electro-magnetic resonance.
In comparison to a standard, not tuned in resonance search head system, one tuned in total resonance can exhibit up to 100 times higher sensitivity to any desired target. That fact alone lead to use of lower electronic amplification, lower electronic instability and much better resistance to thermal changes for the electronic circuit. A RX loop tuned in total resonance will act also as 10 th order band pass filter against any external interference, which will almost eliminate the need of any interference prevention filters. In comparison to off resonance RX loop, one tuned in total resonance is much more sensitive to phase and amplitude changes, which fact can guarantee best depth penetration and discrimination accuracy as can be achieved with any metal detector


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